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Buddy Bandage

Buddy Bandage First Aid Kit

Buddy Bandage First Aid Kit

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♥️ ⭐ Introducing the Adventure Pet First Aid Kit with modern vet approved essentials ⭐ ♥️

Embark on outdoor escapades with your furry companion fully equipped to deal with any unexpected mishaps with our Adventure Pet First Aid Kit. Created by our experienced vets and adventure enthusiasts, this comprehensive kit is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet during hikes, camping trips, beach trips or just adventures around the house.

Key features:

⭐ 1. Compact and Portable Design: Our slim and lightweight design makes it easy to transport, fits easily in your backpack or on your belt, and ensures you're always prepared for emergencies wherever your adventures take you.

⭐ 2. Veterinary approved essentials: Developed with our veterinarian at Harstadbotn veterinary clinic Hector Aguilar Perez, who is more than qualified with a master's degree in small animal medicine and a master's degree in traumatology and orthopedic surgery, we feel we have the perfect package to cover any normal injuries in the trail. From cuts and scrapes to bug bites and sprains, our kit contains everything you need to provide instant care for your beloved pet.

⭐ 3. Premium Supplies: Every component in our kit is carefully selected for durability and efficiency. You will find a variety of sterile compresses, adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes and medical tape to treat wounds and injuries with precision.

⭐ 4. Emergency Tools: Be ready for any situation with essential tools such as scissors to cut bandages, and a thermal blanket to regulate body temperature in case of exposure to extreme weather conditions.

⭐ 5. Pet-friendly medications: Our kit includes vet-approved 400 mg activated charcoal capsules in case of poison ingestion.

⭐ 6. Instructions for Use: For pet owners who may not be familiar with first aid procedures, our kit comes with a comprehensive picture book instruction manual detailing step-by-step instructions for administering aids for various injuries and emergencies. Even a child can understand how to help their best friend with this book. Plus it's waterproof.

⭐ 7. Durable and Water-Resistant: Constructed from durable materials and equipped with a water-resistant case, our first aid kit ensures supplies remain intact and protected from the elements, keeping them ready to go when needed most.

⭐ 8. Included is a Buddy Bandage sticker to show your love. ♥️

Why choose our first aid kit?

Peace of mind: With our kit by your side, you can head out into the outdoors with confidence, knowing you're prepared to handle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

  Tailored for Adventure: Designed specifically for active pets who love to explore, our kit meets the unique needs and challenges you face during adventurous outings.

Dependable Quality: Backed by the expertise of our experienced veterinarian and pet groomer, our kit provides reliable performance and peace of mind for pet owners.

Prepare your four-legged friend for unforgettable adventures while prioritizing their safety and well-being with our Adventure Pet First Aid Kit. Because every adventure is better when shared with your beloved pet.

The set includes:

1 - rubber water bowl for dog

1 - bandage scissors

2 - sterile compresses 10x20cm

4 - sports cover

1- silver heating blanket

2 - sterile gauze pads 2x2"

2 - sterile gauze pads 4x4"

1 - set of disposable gloves

4 - antiseptic wipes

4 - preparation compresses for iodine

4 - alcohol preparation compress

2 - salt water for cleaning

1 - bandage tape

2 - 5 x 450cm elastic bandages

2 - tongue depressors

2 - rolls of dog poo bags

1 bag with 5x400 mg activated charcoal caps

1 - picture book first aid manual

1 - Buddy Bandage sticker

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