Hvorfor startet vi Buddy Bandage!

Why we started Buddy Bandage!

We started Buddy Bandage because when we were looking for a proper pet first aid kit, we just couldn't find one for Buddy Bodhi. There were car kits and veterinary hospital kits, but nothing for the pet and owner on the go.

We tried to pack  our bags with things you would need, especially on trips away from home. Some of these included items could be the difference between life and death for your pet, so pack it up and head out into the wilderness with confidence. We've put everything together for you with a vet consultation to make sure we haven't missed anything you might need on your trip or adventure.

About us: We also own pets! We started this business with Buddy Bodhi in mind. He is 10 years old and we are more and more concerned with his health the older he gets. We wanted a set to ensure we can take good care of him when we're out and about, hence the inspiration for the Buddy Bandage.

Bodhi from Buddy Bandage

We'd love to see your photos with your pets and their Buddy Bandage Bags!

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