Senior Dogs: Mental Stimulation Over Physical Strain.

Senior Dogs: Mental Stimulation Over Physical Strain.

Our buddy Bodhi is closing in 10.5 years old. That is quite old for a big dog, and we see him slowing down year after year. He can't have all the treats he used to because his digestive system is older. He is healthy in his body but isn't interested in lots of physical activity any more. We still go walking and hiking, but we are making sure he gets to go somewhere just a little bit new each day to keep things interesting. 

As dogs age, their physical abilities naturally decline, making high-intensity activities less suitable. However, mental stimulation becomes increasingly crucial to their overall well-being.

Senior dogs benefit greatly from brain activities such as puzzle toys, scent games, and basic obedience training. These activities help maintain cognitive function, reduce anxiety, and keep them engaged.

Regular mental exercise can also slow the progression of age-related cognitive decline, ensuring that senior dogs remain happy and healthy well into their golden years.

Tips for Mental Stimulation:

1. Interactive Toys: Use toys that dispense treats when solved.

2. Training Sessions: Reinforce basic commands or teach new tricks.

3. Scent Work: Hide treats around the house for your dog to find.

4. Social Interaction: Regularly engage with your dog through play and affection.

For our buddy Bodhi, mental stimulation is the thing that keeps him happy. He especially loves scent activities. He loves going to town and smelling every single new scent possible in a few block radius. Walks don't go very quickly because he needs to catalog it all. Of course he gets to visit with people around town too whom he loves. When we return home, he is satisfied and tired from all the mental stimulation.

Our Buddy Bandage mascot Bodhi out for a walk on the beach.

When we do go out on the trail, we always make sure our Buddy Bandage kit just in case anything happens to our senior best friend. The peace of mind we have for his best care is priceless.

- Juliana

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